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    Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest

    Hi everybody!

    A html page is opened when the user press one button. I'm using the next piece of code to open the page:

    midlet.platformRequest( "http://www.google.com/" );

    When the browser is opened and after pressing the hard end key a confirmation dialog message appears with the title “App name”. If the user taps on “YES” button my app will close and the browser will remain opened and displayed. If the user taps on “NO” button the dialog message disappears.

    The expected result is to close the browser and to return the user to the app if the “YES” button is selected.

    I will appreciate your help.


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    Re: Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest

    I suppose it could be considered a bug, but I suspect that the phone behaves already as Nokia wants it to behave. I.e., Nokia's expectations and your differ in this respect. There are probably no Nokia Series 40/Asha people here to tell you which is the case, I'm afraid.

    Someone from Nokia might be able to find out, but I'm not sure whether anyone will.

    You could try asking through Nokia's customer support (Nokia Care), or via paid developer tech support:


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    Re: Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest

    Thank you petrib by response.

    The problem is that my quality review was rejected, so I'm trying all the possibilities in my hand.

    I'm considering your answer as an argument to the behaviour of my app.

    Thank you

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    Surat Thani

    Re: Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest

    Which device(s) does this happen on? To me it clearly sounds like an issue of the device itself, not a problem with your application, as end key affecting an application not in the foreground does not make any sense. Just for interest, can you try if the same thing also happens after starting a phone call from the midlet (platformRequest("tel:12345")), eg. does the end key open up the close app dialog instead of hanging up the call?

    Also, not sure if this has anything to do with what you're seeing, but some devices require the midlet to close itself when launching the web browser (platformRequest("http://google.com") returns true). However in this case, the browser is not supposed to come onscreen until the app exits. Might be still worth logging the return value though, at least if the weird behavior happens on an older/low-end device.

    If the problem exists only on one device, and you feel that it's not really an issue for actual users, you could try changing the fully tested device for the platform to another one that doesn't have the problem. According to publisher's guide they test the app on the device that's marked fully tested for each platform (although I'm not sure if it's actually done that way). If this doesn't work, and if opening the browser is not part of normal UI flow (eg. it's just to show privacy policy or something similar that users do once or never), you could consider simply exiting the app every time after calling platformRequest, at least on devices/platforms where the issue exists.

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    Re: Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest

    the device is the nokia 311. Testing the phone call happens the same. The angry birds app has the same issue. The facebook and Twitter apps do the next:

    1.- Show an alert, telling to the user get back to the app when they finish with the browser.
    2.- Close the midlet.
    3.- Open the browser.

    So, I think the best option is close the app before the platformRequest call.

    TongMuan by take a moment and help me,


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