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    Question Connecting E72 over serial to send AT command

    I am trying to connect E72 using the Nokia official USB cable, over Windows.

    The driver was installed and Device Manager says it is functional, I can see it attached as a COM port (#9).
    When the cable is connected, the phone itself asks for the connection type and I used PC Suite.
    I can browse the phone using Windows Explorer.

    Then, I tried to use PuTTY to connect to that COM port.
    In the Putty Console window, when I type (e.g. AT) I do not see any echo and the cursor does not move. Additionaly, if I hit Enter I do not see any response coming back.
    I tried both 9660 and 112500 baud rates.

    So seems that while Windows is able to connect the phone, still I cannot connect via Putty to the serial.

    Any suggestion for next troubleshooting steps?

    Best regards

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    Re: Connecting E72 over serial to send AT command

    Try ATe1 which activates the echo. Some AT command implementations do not like AT and echo is disabled on default. Although this should not be a problem for a Nokia E72. Is this COM9 you modem port? Please, have a look at Device Manager, section Modem again.

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