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    Question In-App advertising (J2me)


    I have been working with inneractive and Vserv for in-app ads, and I was relatively satisfied, until recently there was a huge drop in inneractive's performance. Since this isn't the first time inneractive has caused me grief, I decided to switch to another ad provider.
    Only problem is, I don't know any other ad providers that have a solution for J2me.
    What about you guys? Is there another ad provider you have had experience with?


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    Re: In-App advertising (J2me)

    A 'Monetizing your application' board has been launched recently, replies may have a better place there, in http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...es-for-Java-ME

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    Re: In-App advertising (J2me)

    Hello guys, I would like to know when does vserv usually payout publishers when the have reached the threshold payout earnings. And recently they have introduced paypal payout option who has ever been paid via that option?! I need answers guys and you may email me via nkaswaga@gmail.com

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