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    Nokia Asha 501 Emulator - jar size issue

    Hello, I am currently developing an app for Nokia Asha 501 device. My problem is that while the maximum jar size is set to 5 MB on the official Nokia device specs, the maximum jar size for the emulator is set to 4 MB (4194304 bytes). Is this a bug of the emulator? will I be able to run a jar with a size little less than 5 MB?
    Another issue that has been showed up is that the emulator slows down considerably when on landscape mode, is this happening also on actual hardware?
    Thank you!
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    Re: Nokia Asha 501 Emulator - jar size issue

    the maximum jar size for 501 is indeed upto 5mb but my recommendation to you is to try and get it even less than that as much as possible without compromising on your app (look up pngout to compress png images and obfuscation to reduce code size)
    the emulator isnt always the same as the device as you can imagine so there are mismatches and bugs.
    i havent noticed any slow in landscape but i have noticed that emulators get slower the longer the app is running.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 501 Emulator - jar size issue

    Quote Originally Posted by shai.i View Post
    i havent noticed any slow in landscape
    That is interesting! Here, the Asha emulator is very slow in landscape, too. Which operating system did you use, I cannot recall right now. Giorg189, same for you, which Windows do you use? 32-bit? I really have to fix that. Would be cool if you two guys could help clarify this.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 501 Emulator - jar size issue

    I use Windows 7 Professional 32-bit with SP1. If you could also fix the max jar size for Asha 501 Emulator to 5MB that would be great!

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    Re: Nokia Asha 501 Emulator - jar size issue

    If you're not using any semi-transparency, it helps a lot to save your PNG files as 8-bit instead of 24-bit.
    And when saving 8-bit, see how few colors you can reduce your graphics to, without losing noticeable quality.
    Then afterwards, as shai says, use a tool like pngout or optipng to reduce the size even more.

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