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    How to change font style of app?

    I am working on s40 . How to change the font style of app such as Aeriel,times new roman etc. I am working on lwuit 1.5

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    Re: How to change font style of app?

    If you're not happy with the device-supplied default/system fonts, then... http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...nts_in_Java_ME

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    Re: How to change font style of app?

    If your working with lwuit then simply open the resource editor with your resource file and select the fonts tab
    then click the + button to add a new font and give it a name then select the bitmap tab (and make sure there is bitmap in the combobox above it)
    then select your font family like Arial, size of font, bold/not bold etc
    then go to the Theme tab and click on the theme you are using and for every component you want to use this font simply click it and in the Font tab uncheck the derive checkbox and select New font in the radio button and then select the font name you gave it in the combo box.
    (Note: to have that font the default font in all the components and not go over them one by one, do this process to the [default style] component in the theme)

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