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    [moved] Appying loading window while adding all records

    I am working on s40 app. I have to parse 9000 records and write them on rms . But as rms file is not included in jar that we install, so all the data will be added first time when user runs the app first. How can we put these processes on background (since i guess parsing and adding so large data will take time) and show the gauge with % that how much is loaded . Should i use threads too in this case?

    I need to apply splash screen too which will appear as soon as user runs app

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    Re: Appying loading window while adding all records

    How to apply custom progress bar? in lwuit 1.5 like i want like this. http://masterkissor.blogspot.in/2011...r-in-j2me.html how to implement this?
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