I am not sure of where else to post this,but the introduction of the new Lumia 1020 also brought in exciting new technologies.One of them is RAJEPG.

Partial JPEG decoding
Using RAJPEG technology, access image data without decoding a whole JPEG image for blazingly fast previews, application of effects, rotation, and cropping of high resolution images.
RAJPEG was introduced by a company called scalado,which has been acquired by Nokia.Since now it is an IP of Nokia, I wish Nokia can bring the same technology to S40,Asha Platform etc..

I am not talking about opening images taken by a 41 MP camera.Even a JPEG image taken by a 3 MP camera cannot be fully decoded, due to memory constraints.As a compromise, the image had to be scaled down, so that it can fit into memory.This compromise in quality has been the only solution for decades.

A technology like RAJPEG can totally change this scenario and open up new domains in Image Processing for S40/Asha Phones, leading to better applications and better customer satisfaction.

I hope my post can reach the intended audience.