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Thread: Parsing Error

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    Re: Parsing Error

    I dont know wether i am doing right or wrong but after parsing some records and adding them to rms database ...i empty the vectors by using v.removeallelements() method . And then calling url link from next point and doing the same. By this way i am not getting out of memory error problem and i am able to write all my records. But i am yet to test on device and i think parsing such huge amount can cause problems.

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    Re: Parsing Error

    Quote Originally Posted by Manpreet_Singh View Post
    I am not getting this logic because some of the steps i am using in my code, what changes i have to make in my parsing code? and abt rms ...earlier i thought that i will add my data in rms once it is collected in vectors but i am getting out of memory error there
    Actually, it's a lot easier and less error-prone than what you're doing now. Let's use the same names for the Strings that you currently use for Vectors:

    String v1=null;
    String v2=null;
    String v3=null;
    String v4=null;
    In the loop you now just set the the String value instead of appending to the vector:
    v1 = story_week; // Was v1.addElement(story_week);
    Then the only thing you need to add is handling for item's end tag - when the end tag comes, you save the info for the current story (v1, v2, v3, v4), if all of them are non-null. And just to avoid issues with incorrect xml data, you can null them all after saving, or when you get next item's start tag.
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    Re: Parsing Error

    thanks ......

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