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    Labels and Buttons shows two points while generate new text


    I'm creating an application that generate two random numbers and a random operator (+ - / *) and 4 suggestions. The suggestions are in 4 buttons (3 random numbers and the correct answer)
    My problem is :
    when the generated number have two characters the label text will be two points as you can see in attached pictures

    here is a part of my code i start with create labels
    final Label firstNumber = new Label("3");
    		final Label secondNumber = new Label("3");
    		final Label operator = new Label("+");
    		Label equal = new Label("=");
    		final Label result = new Label("?");
    		Game.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, randomOperations);
    then i set the label text to random numbers and operator
    firstNumber.setText(a + "");
    				secondNumber.setText(b + "");
    				operator.setText(operation + "");
    please give me hint im new in Lwuit

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    Re: Labels and Buttons shows two points while generate new text

    Well first of all if those answers are supposed to be clickable i dont know why u use labels and not buttons... but to the question at hand
    you can use the setEndsWith3Points method of label to let it know that it shouldnt end in 3 points if the text is too long to fit the component
    and also you should use setPreferredW to set the width of the component to a number that can fit at least 2 characters (+padding)

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