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    Copying files in QML

    Hi! How to copy for example c:/text.txt to e:/example_folder/text.txt in QML? Please send example code if you can

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    Re: Copying files in QML

    I don't think that is allowed in QML but definitely in your Qt code you can do so : http://doc.qt.digia.com/4.7/qfile.html#copy

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    Re: Copying files in QML

    Ok, thanks you very much :-)
    Is possible to copy all folders? No only one files?

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    Re: Copying files in QML

    check the StringHelper example to know how to access Qt/C++ functions from a QtQuick UI.

    If you use this example add a function like:

    Q_INVOKABLE void copy(QString source, QString target)
    QFile::copy(source, target);

    and paste #include <QFile> in your header.

    Now you can copy like this:
    onClicked: StringHelper.copy("C://data/Test.txt", "C://data/Test2.txt")

    really easy.
    I wrote an simple helper class for QtQuick, but I am not sure, maybe it not allowed to post here.

    Check: http://forum.symbian-developers.net/...s-for-qtquick/

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