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    JavaME midlet app as Theme on Nokia E50

    Hello, i want make my java midlet to run as main theme (idle theme [standby mode]).
    The thing is i just want to force my phone to load and use only my midlet, instead of theme.
    I also wonder if i can insert JavaMe midlet into Theme (as idle background).
    I also do not want to run my app (autostart it) after phone loads (when the standard theme is enabled) since i can eaisly quit application and return to the theme (standby).

    Thank you.

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    Re: JavaME midlet app as Theme on Nokia E50

    unfortunately there are no such functionality provided by the E50. For idle screen aniamtions, you coudl check Nokia Store for 3rd party apps which are providing similar functionality, anyway, in general they are simply providing an animation on top of the idle screen.

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    Re: JavaME midlet app as Theme on Nokia E50

    Thank you, for the fast reply.

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