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    how to convert images to video?

    i would like to know how do i convert the images that the all new imaging sdk creates to a video stream and send it to a pc throught internet.

    thanks in advance for the answer

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    Re: how to convert images to video?


    I was looking for the same, I even tried with rendering images to Videos but cannot do that in phone which I did in PC.

    Here is a good example to start with. Windows phone does not have System.Drawing so rendering images in an encoded video would be tough.

    If anyone have better solution, I would also be looking for the same.

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    Re: how to convert images to video?


    is there no solution for this issue yet or did anyone solved it?

    Because I want to write an app witch needs to convert the taken images to a video.

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    Re: how to convert images to video?

    Unfortunately the conversion is very complex to do yourself and so far I know of no project that did it on the Windows Phone platform. I hope we'll get the video support available on Windows RT with a future update of Windows Phone. Theoretically you could try to port a library like FFMPEG to WinPRT-Native Code and use that but it won't be easy to do.

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