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    Nokia 5228 does not permit to install a sis file of my qt-program after UID3 setting

    I got the developer certificate, key file and UID3 from Nokia. I had adjusted LangTrainer project run settings to use these certificate and key. LangTrainer is the name of my qt-program.

    The UID3 and vendor was specified in LangTrainer.pro file. LangTrainer.pro content:
    ICON = LangTrainerIcon.svg
    symbian:TARGET.UID3 = UID3_from_nokia
    vendorinfo = \
    "%{\"Sergiy Vovk\"}" \
    ":\"Sergiy Vovk\""
    my_deployment.pkg_prerules += vendorinfo
    DEPLOYMENT += my_deployment
    HEADERS += MainWindow.h TestWindow.h ViewWindow.h \
    SOURCES += LangTrainer.cpp MainWindow.cpp TestWindow.cpp \
    ViewWindow.cpp searchresultwindow.cpp

    Note: the UID3_from_nokia is UID3 I had got from Nokia. This UID3 begins with 0x2. I did not show a real UID3 here.

    The LangTrainer build is normal but Nokia 5228 does not permit to install a sis file from untrusted supplier. I had got a message: unable to install a protected application from untrusted supplier.
    Is it normal? How can I fix it?
    Maybe I need to specify something else in LangTrainer.pro.
    The suppler of LangTrainer sis file is unknown.

    Note: I successfully had installed a sis file with certificate from Nokia on smartphone.

    If comment symbian:TARGET.UID3..., vendorinfo..., my_deployment..., DEPLOYMENT... lines the build and run of LangTrainer is normal.

    The Nokia 5228 symbian family is symbian^1.
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