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    Multiple JARs for one content item


    An application of mine failed QA some time ago for Asha Platform 1.0 devices, because it had exit item in the options menu. Today I decided to fix this, and upload (as a separate file) an updated version with back button handling and no exit in the menu if the device has a physical back button. However, when setting the distribution of the new file to just Asha 501 and 501 dual sim, the publish site complained about the distribution overlapping with another file - the original one which wasn't actually published to those devices due to the QA failure.

    So, I went to edit the existing file and removed the new Ashas from its distribution. After editing, the only option was to submit also that file to QA again. Feeling like it would be a waste of everyone's time to process 2 files instead of one, I ended up replacing the JAR and JAD of the existing file with the new ones, as the fixed version is still compatible with other devices too (and this makes it easier in the future if making a new version, no need to update two files at that point), but I'm wondering how this QA and multiple files thing actually works:

    1) What happens when I just remove devices from distribution of an existing file, does the file go through the full QA again?

    2) If you remove devices from the distribution of the existing file (let's say that the app was actually already in store for those devices), to change them to use another file, is it possible that the app disappears for those devices from the store for a while, in case QA for the file where the device was removed goes faster than QA testing for the new file?

    3) After you start editing an existing file, is there any way to cancel the changes?

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    Re: Multiple JARs for one content item

    basically in order to get things processed, you need to submit it to QA again after any change, even removing a device from the list. and the QA wil check the changes and act accordingly. I have not seen any ways on cancelling changes, basically if you did not submit it to QA, the n the changes will not be taking any efect. Of course opening a item for change, would stop any QA process if it would be ongoing, anyway, if the modified item was already published, it would not have any effect on there.

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    Re: Multiple JARs for one content item

    1. yes (at least from my experience)
    2. i dont think so
    3. no (but you can always leave it in its editing state if you dont want to resubmit it)

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    Re: Multiple JARs for one content item

    based on my experience:
    1. QA will retest again
    2. if you remove a device (preference) in your existing app you still need to submit it to QA (your current app in store will still be active) if your new preference fails QA your current app still be at store until your new preference is applied/passed.
    3. as far as I know no, but you can still add/edit existing file but it will always ask you to submit to QA

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