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    Unhappy Working example?

    Can you provide a simple working example of the REST API.

    I have registered and have got credentials (Client ID and secret)

    How do either of those relate to app_id?

    What about app_code which mentioned in this forum but not in the API reference.

    What about OAUTH which is implied from registration page and client secret but not mentioned in API reference.

    The only response I get is 401 Unauthorized – The request requires additional authorization

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    Re: Working example?

    Hi smart401,

    We've recently changed our app registration process and it sounds like you've found some resources which still refer to the old process. Sorry for the confusion - the documentation updates can take a while to propagate. Simply substitute your 'client_id' wherever 'app_id' is mentioned. 'app_code' is no longer used.

    For example: http://api.ent.nokia.com/1.x/us/?cat...sic&client_id=<yourclientid>

    Our OAuth2 authentication flow is not currently available to third party developers, but watch this space for exciting updates to the API over the coming months.

    Stu @ Nokia Music

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