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    LWUIT Anatomy of WeChat's conversation pane?

    hello, i'm fairly new to lwuit. can someone identify what components should I be using? to make a conversation pane similar to WeChat's?

    what I can grasp currently is just probably the "send" button at the top, is most probably just a command in the form which is set to
    not sure how to make the generic "send" icon.

    my more pressing question is, how do you make those balloon wrapped text in the conversation? how do you make a container like that?

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    Re: LWUIT Anatomy of WeChat's conversation pane?

    It is possible to modify the image of ActionButton 1 in Full touch phones.You need to create an Icon Command.

    More info here (Check Last Section ) :


    There are many ways to achieve a UI like this.Here is my theory.

    Create two containers,one for the conversation pane and the second for the bottom portion.The form is not scrollable, but the first container is.Conversation pane has a custom text area component with a small dent on the left or right , to look like a conversation bubble.It has a standard Margin.There is also a Label which is added to the centre, for showing the time.The layout for conversation pane will be BoxLayout.Y_AXIS.Each time a conversation is obtained, an instance of the custom component is created and added to the pane.

    The bottom part has two components added in BOX_LAYOUT.X_AXIS.One is a button with the smiley image and another is a custom Text Field which can accept a Hint Text as shown in the pic.
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