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    Mysql Driver for symbian QT

    Dear All,

    Is it possible to create mysql driver for symbian smartphones ? Nokia Belle to be specific.

    I'm creating an app in Qt that will connect remotely to Mysql DB and insert data into tables. I have the Mysql db set up already, using SQLITE driver (the only driver available in Symbian SDK) I manage to connect to DB but can't go any further as the inserting data to tables do not work.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Mysql Driver for symbian QT

    It is certainly possible to do the real concern is the effort it requires.

    1. If connection via SQLITE driver should work in general, you may encounter some minor configuration issue, or difference in the SQL syntax. If this is the case, fixing the current code is expected to be much simpler than changing to an other one
    2. If you are allowed to run your own code on the MySQL server, you may consider creating a proxy, and use some simple protocol from the phone side
    3. Even if Qt on Symbian does not have the MySQL driver, you can still check how it looks like and try building it from source, perhaps just some parts of it
    4. Theoretically it is possible to port whatever other mysql client library too, for example they seem to offer C/C++ connectors here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/, with source code. As Qt on Symbian offers a very C/C++-like environment, the library is expected to build, but it may still require some (a lot?) work to make it actually happen

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