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    Re: Developer Device (Lumia 820, 920) Update

    Quote Originally Posted by AndreasBlume View Post
    Hey Guys, what about Lumia Black for Lumia 820 Developer Device. Any other Handset get their updates somewhat earlier...can u tell me whats wrong with release this time?

    Nobody here would know whats wrong as support here is mostly to third party application developers. But yes, you can check in http://www.nokia.com/global/support/...ftware-update/

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    Re: Developer Device (Lumia 820, 920) Update

    If you need GDR3 (the OS update without Nokia's additions) for testing purposes you can get that from Microsoft directly if you're a registered developer, see http://blogs.windows.com/windows_pho...evelopers.aspx for details on the Preview program. To my knowledge all changes that affect developers are included in that preview. Nokia's additional features in Black are consumer facing.

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    Re: Developer Device (Lumia 820, 920) Update

    I'm eagerly awaiting the Lumia Black update for my 920 developer device. I'm currently running GDR3 on it but the additions that Black brings would be nice as i use this as my main phone as well as something to test my apps on.
    It would be nice if Nokia had a preview program like Microsoft now do so we can help test the new firmware before it rolls out, i'd be willing to help out

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    Re: Developer Device (Lumia 820, 920) Update

    A colleague with an Lumia 820 dev device got Black these days. The same day the announcement of Black for AT&T was heard, maybe a coincidence.

    BTW, I have a Lumia 800 dev device that's not been fully upgraded to 7.8, I got the OS with the cable trick but the firmware updates never came.
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    Re: Developer Device (Lumia 820, 920) Update

    Yeah, I can confirm that too. My Nokia Lumia 820 Dev was nagging me with an update for some days, just installed it a couple minutes ago, and now it says "Lumia Black".

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