Sometimes, in the first screen of my app, appears the following error.

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5 >= 5
at java.util.Vector.elementAt(
at com.sun.lwuit.Container.getComponentAt(
at com.sun.lwuit.layouts.BoxLayout.getPreferredSize(
at com.sun.lwuit.Container.calcPreferredSize(
at com.sun.lwuit.Component.preferredSize(
at com.sun.lwuit.Component.getPreferredSize(
at com.sun.lwuit.Component.getPreferredH(
at com.sun.lwuit.layouts.BoxLayout.layoutContainer(
at com.sun.lwuit.Container.doLayout(
at com.sun.lwuit.Container.layoutContainer(
at com.sun.lwuit.Container.doLayout(
at com.sun.lwuit.Form.sizeChangedInternal(+93)
at com.sun.lwuit.Display.handleEvent(
at com.sun.lwuit.Display.edtLoopImpl(
at com.sun.lwuit.Display.mainEDTLoop(

It has no effect on the rest of the app, but when this happens, it appears a Dialog with the error inside, and I don't want it to show.
It happens in 3 apps that I've build with Nokia SDK 2.0

How can I avoid this?