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    where I could get research Device instead of Emulator

    Dear Sir:

    I am a PH.D student at Georgia State University.
    we are working on developing a SyD middleware
    (System on Devices for hand-held and other
    devices to enable seamless embedded software
    development and their deployment on a heterogeneousset of devices across multiple networking protocols
    and data formats.
    I am thinking if you know
    there is any research cellphone device which supports MIDP 2.0,
    so we could buy it and put our demo on it.
    I appreciate any of your help.

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    developer cell phone with MIDP 2.0

    look at nokia's device matrix and you wil see what Nokia device syou can get with MIDP 2.0

    You will want ot however order a developers kit version as to ge tthe proper cables and etc so that you can install your demo from pc to cell phone via the cables with these types of kits...

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    it should be research device

    Our demo need play around with ourself server. We need this cell phone which could configure and plug in our wireless network. In my understanding, the commercial product could connect network through provider such as T-mobile, sprint, etc. I am thinking the cellphone-alike device with MIDP 2.0 could associate with wireless card and IP configuration control.

    That is what I really want


    Jingwu He

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