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    Is there GeoJSON support for Here Maps or any alternative to KML

    Is it possible to load GeoJson formatted data into here maps js api in a proper way? I am using AJAX to send data coming from mysql which is formatted in GeoJSON. I don't want to store any kml files.

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    Re: Is there GeoJSON support for Here Maps or any alternative to KML

    There is no GeoJson Parser in the API. You'll need to write your own. Taking the basis from an equivalent parser for Google maps, I've knocked up the following:


    The basic usage of the GeoJSONContainer is through the parseGeoJSON() method as follows:

    function extend(B, A) {
    	function I() {}
    	I.prototype = A.prototype;
    	B.prototype = new I();
    	B.prototype.constructor = B;
    function createGeoJsonParser(){
    	extend(GeoJSONContainer, nokia.maps.map.Container);
    	parser = new GeoJSONContainer();
    function parseJson(jsonObject){
    	result = parser.parseGeoJSON(jsonObject);	
    	if (parser.state == "finished") {
    		map.set("center", map.objects.get(0).getBoundingBox().getCenter());
    		map.addListener("click" ,  function(evt) {
    			var text = JSON.stringify(evt.target.properties);
    			bubble = infoBubbles.addBubble(text!== undefined ?   text : "properties undefined",
    		}, false);
    	} else {
    see: http://rawgithub.com/heremaps/exampl...json-data.html

    Since GeoJSONContainer is an extension of Container, you could also add the geoJSON data directly onto the map using addGeoJSON()

    var err = resultSet.addGeoJSON(jsonManager.object);
    if (resultSet.state == "finished") {
    	container.addListener("click" ,  function(evt) {
    	}, false);
    } else {
    Example Use: http://rawgithub.com/heremaps/exampl...sing-ajax.html

    you can alos add and style data points in the same manner as the clustering component

    It comes with no guarantees of course.
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