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    How to check if coordinate is within polygon

    Using the type nokia.maps.map.Polygon, is there a way to determine if a given coordinate sits within the polygon? I’ve looked at the methods getNearest and getNearestIndex but neither provide this functionality.

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    Re: How to check if coordinate is within polygon

    How you do this will depend on how accurate you need to be. A rough-and-ready answer can be achieved by using the Polygon.getBoundingBox().contains(), and passing in a BoundingBox of a single location. This will however reduce the polygons to rectangular areas. A more accurate method would be to use Display.getObjectsAt(), and check to see if a Polygon is returned.

    map.addListener("mouseover", function (evt) {
    	var coord = map.pixelToGeo(evt.targetX, evt.targetY);
    	var objects = map.getObjectsAt( evt.targetX, evt.targetY) ;
    	for(var i=0;i<objects.length;i++){
    		var object=objects[i];
    		if(object instanceof nokia.maps.map.Polygon ){
    			// object is my Polygon.
    			// Do stuff with it.
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