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    How to get ISO property in Windows Phone 8 app?

    I have a camera app developed for Windows Phone 8 and everything works OK, except I cannot get ISO or any other property on PhotoCaptureDevice object. Whenever I call object value = photoCaptureDevice.GetProperty(KnownCameraPhotoProperties.Iso) I get null back. Is anything special about querying for KnownCameraPhotoProperties properties? I do not have problems setting any property. Thanks!

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    Re: How to get ISO property in Windows Phone 8 app?

    Which device do you use?

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    Re: How to get ISO property in Windows Phone 8 app?

    When are you calling GetProperty? Unless you have called SetProperty on it or made the Camera set it itself using the FocusAsync method I believe that it might not be set and therefore returning NULL. Didn't test it out so far though, so it's just a theory and you would have to try it out.

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