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    Hi Guys,

    I saw some conversations topics on the Amber update and such, I really love how Nokia is taking a leap forward and is actually customising Windows Phone without fragmenting it like some OEMs do for Android. These are genuine features that improve the experience of Windows Phone with Nokia Hardware without taking anything away from Windows Phone itself (e.g. Modern Themed features) in my opinion.

    However I would like to create a topic and provide some feedback, maybe some of you guys active in the community would like to add some suggestions as well that can help Nokia decide the future roadmap of their updates.

    So the Amber Update added an array of new features, I really like the new API, Call SMS blocking and the Glance screen however I would like to add some suggestions in regards to the Glance Screen.

    The Glance screen right now is great for looking and seeing just what Time it is and the state of my phone in regards to it receiving phone calls/texts as well as the battery level.

    I would like the ability to see the notifications pending such as Phone Calls missed, text messages and the rest of the information the user has displayed on their Lock Screen without having to wake my phone up in the sense that I have to turn the screen on full in order to see the lock screen. This would provide me with great information at a glance.

    Also I would love to see some features similar to the Galaxy S4 where once you tripped the Proximity sensor to turn on the screen you can greet it by saying 'Hi Galaxy' and it will allow you to use an array of functionality such as maps, messages etc etc, you can do most of this already however you have to press and hold the windows button on the phone to start 'Tell Me' This could be triggered with a certain type of gesture, like detecting multiple waves (e.g. sensor detects 'Dark, Light, Dark' pattern) in order to trip the proximity sensor and the phone bringing up the Tell Me services.

    I think this could be very helpful functionality to end users - especially with the likes of Here Drive, I would love to see voice commanding instructions that allows me to navigate the app as well as set up a destination.

    I have to get back to work now but I have plenty of other ideas I would like to feedback, Nokia is welcome to contact me at any time using any of the contact information I used to sign up with (otherwise PM me - if this functionality exists on the forums, or write me back in this topic)

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    Re: Feedback for Nokia

    Hi John, welcome to our community.

    Some good ideas there.

    Some of the things you mention are more dependent on Microsoft than from Nokia. In fact some of your ideas may be already being discussed on the Microsoft Windows Phone uservoice website. Did you know about that website?

    I would strongly recommended that you register there and vote or create the ideas that you are referring. Thats the most direct path to Microsoft Windows Phone teams.

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    Re: Feedback for Nokia

    Thanks joaocardoso,

    I will look into the WP Uservoice program, I really hope MS is cooking up a real nice release of WP, afaik the general distribution releases aren't much about OS Improvements in terms of user functionality and features (although indirectly they are) but more hardware support to bring the OS to a point where it is no longer a restriction when it comes to supporting hardware.

    Anyway will look into the forums for that, thanks for your feedback.

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