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    Unhappy O(c) way of finding a contact if contact ID is known using PIM API?

    Hi Experts,

    Is there a constant-time way to find a contact from the contact list using the PIM api if the contact ID is known? Finding a contact using ContactList::items(..) is slow as it seems that it would go to each contact in the contact list in order to find the correct contact even if I provided a filter with a contact containing the exact contact ID (I tested it on 400 contacts and the search did get painfully slow). I thought about building a search index in memory at startup but I'd like to avoid that as it might not scale well for a phonebook that has thousands of contacts without putting in tons of work

    Blackberry's PIM extension provides this mechanism that I am looking for: http://www.blackberry.com/developers...a.lang.String)

    Many thanks,
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