Hello to all PyS60 users,
I post because by visiting the site from: pygame i discover the release of an module pygame for PyS60 and because pygame is one of my favorite python module i download it, but by trying to get some documentation i find nothing. I get the normal pygame documentation but in case of my phone, who is an samrtphone with touch control i don't know the key control for pygame.
I download the the *.sis file on the pygame site and so don't have a zipped file where other files like some documentation is include....
If you get an link to download an *.zip file with documenation it would be nice from you to make me an link.
Thank's for your answer.

PS1: Here a big list from thirty part module for PyS60.

PS2: I have make an additionnal module for pygame name curser who implement an turtle and all the function to drive with an turtle.
For the python module not for the PyS60, i don't know if it is compatible.

The description from the module on the site is in french but the README.txt (notice) file and the module is writing in english.
So i make you a little summary of the description from taken from my site:

curser (turtle for pygame) is an python module based and complementary to pygame.
who give you functions analogue to the python module turtle, except that the display is the pygame display.
who will give you the turtle functions in pygame.
In short an turtle for pygame.
It will help you to generate and animate forms like polygones, spirales, fractals with abstraction of the coordinate in an pygame display.
The curser (turtle for pygame) orientation can be set trought rotation function, to the left or to the right, in degrees.
The drive functions can set the with of the stroke and the color of it too.

The zip file contains:
-An automatic installation file (for Windows and Linux).
-The module file.
-A README file.
-An folder with usage examples.

The mdule have basis functions for the curser (turtle for pygame) display:

The curser (turtle for pygame) position functions:

The module have basis move and animation functions:

The module implement functions to personnalise one|more containers
who gives coordinates sequences back.

Enjoy to use curser (an turtle for pygame).

At last i can't sign in by the pygame site due of an bug, to present my module, if someone can help me, it where nice from him.