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    [solved] Change file attribute

    first of all this is a Qt/native C++ mix, maybe it's the wrong section.

    My problem:
    I want to set a file as ReadOnly in a Qt app, but Qt doesn't have an API for that.

    So I tried a bit.
    added to .pro:
    LIBS += -efsrv.lib\

    added to my class:
    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <bautils.h>
    #include <f32file.h>

    in my method:
    RFs fsSession;

    the problem is it does compile and run without of any errors (CODA shows nothing), but the file still isn't hidden or read only.

    Can somebody tell me what's the problem?
    Thanks in advance


    works fine after a reboot, don't know the problem.
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