this website: http://developer.nokia.com/info/sw.n...f8/Qt_SDK.html
states that Qt SDK 1.2.1 contains Symbian target and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu). I was delighted to see that, because in the past Linux users were forced to use Remote Compiler to target Symbian. So I thought Nokia/Accenture made Symbian compiler work in Linux and downloaded the Qt SDK.

However Qt Creator doesn't contain the Symbian target. The question is: do I have to add Symbian target manually or is it absent in Linux version of Qt SDK 1.2.1?

If it's absent, then I urge moderators and admins to indicate that clearly on the above mentioned website. However, I hope I just have to add it manually. Can somebody write me the path to qmake to be entered in Qt Creator toolchain settings?