I developed a game for the Ahsa 311. With firmware 5.92 pausing the app when suspending the application in the background worked,
but with firmware 7.36 hideNotify() is invoked when the application goes back in the foreground and not when it goes in the background.
SUMMARY: When suspending the application in the background, the application's sound is still enabled.
1. Download the content OTA.
2. Install and launch the content file with the audio on.
3. Suspend the application in the background.
ACTUAL RESULT: The application's sound is still enabled, when the application is suspended in background.
EXPECTED RESULT: Audio from the content file should not play while the content file is in the background, unless the audio is the application's main feature; for example, music player or radio.
AFFECTED DEVICES: Nokia 311 firmware 07.36.
How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance, Matthias.Bay