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    Place info - placeId

    Can I use PHP code that define coordinates for some location on the map instead of using placeId, if I can how to do that? Here is an example:

    var basicPlace = new nokia.places.widgets.Place({
    					placeId: 'PHP code instead of place id. exp: [<?php code;?>, <?php echo code;?>]',
    					targetNode: "map",
    					template: "nokia.blue.place"

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    Re: Place info - placeId

    Any help, thanks!

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    Re: Place info - placeId


    I have the feeling you are using the JavaScript API, not the RESTful places API. The forum for the JavaScript API is here: http://developer.nokia.com/Community...for-Javascript

    But you can as well ask on Stackoverflow. If your question is tagged with nokia-location-api, people from Nokia will read it as well.

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    Daniel Moor
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    Re: Place info - placeId

    I posed the question here in the JavaScript API section, but got no response. So I closed that thread and open new one here. Old thread: http://goo.gl/xcLCql
    I implemented the map on web page using JavaScript API, and now I want to show the basic information about some location. The JavaScript API documentation, I found a part of which is called "Basic place display" in
    Places Components section, but there is an example of how to render information using placeId. I need to be able to retrieve information using location coordinates if possible. I tried to display information using the code in
    my first post, but it's not working. I will try to post question on StackOverflow.

    Thanks for your reply danielmoor.

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