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    Data connection availability check


    How do i check the availability of a data connection (GPRS/Wi-Fi) on a S40 (Asha) or S60 phone in Java ?

    i have tried the documented system properties request

    - "com.nokia.mid.networkavailability" (only check for GSM)
    - "com.nokia.network.access" (always get a "na" no a Asha 311)

    i also get a parcial success by trying to establish a connection but got a undesire system message if no connection type is turn on (data connection / Wi-Fi / bluethoot), also getting frequent lag/timeout wait times that can be overcome but the use of a thread.

    my objective is to use a transparent method to check if in any data connection is available without the use of the above described methods, without the inconveniances that my come by using them.

    Thank you in advance for any response
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