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    TCB and AllFiles on Symbian

    Is it possible to compile .exe files with TCB and AllFiles with QtSDK?
    Does the app needs a special UID range or something else?
    It seems like there are some restrictions but I found no information about it.

    I want to change the icon of my app, so I tried to replace the .mif with deleting and copy a new one.

    Because I read Symbian OS internal I know TCB and AllFiles are needed for this, but a usual devcert isn't enough for it.

    It did compile as unsigned .sis but won't install
    Next try: with disabled plattform secutiry the .exe won't launch, but a version with no caps works fine.
    Not usefull for endusers, so bad idea.

    My UID is currently from 0xE range, could that be the issue?

    Lantersoft Icon changer can modify icons on the fly, but it's a closed source app and I thought this could be an workaround.

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