Hello All

I am using LWUIT for S40 for developing my apps. I am encountering problems while getting user input in S60 and higher devices.

1.) If I use LWUIT 1.5 , the VKB shown is very slow.It is so slow that sometimes it feels as if the app has got struck.
2.) If I use LWUIT for S40, the native VKB is shown.However, the text that is entered gets cleared automatically within a second. I have tried repeatedly, but in vain. The entered text lasts hardly for 1-2 seconds and then vanishes!

If I use Display.getInstance().editString() method, a separate popup appears, which works perfectly.However, this is not what I want.I want the native keyboard to appear seamlessly in the same form without any issues.How can I achieve this? Why is it that the text in my text field,is getting erased instantly? Is it a bug in LWUIT ? I am aware that the support for Symbian and related devices have been stopped, but I wish to know if there is any particular way in which I can solve this issue.

Kindly help me.Thank you so much in advance