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    How to check App icon of Asha Web App?

    I want to see App Icon my Asha 501 Web App. but simulator isn't showing any option.

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    Re: How to check App icon of Asha Web App?

    I'm afraid that it is not possible with the simulator. The icon is used by the starter app that is created for you when you submit it to the store.
    So I think you have will not see it before on the web-tools simulator, no matter what you try to do.
    But you just transfer the image file as images to your phone to see how it will look like on the phone screen.
    And if you really really need to see it before, you can create an extra java app with your icon.


    Karsten Meier

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    Re: How to check App icon of Asha Web App?

    thank you for showing intrest...

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    Re: How to check App icon of Asha Web App?

    you can use rda.cellulardata.com/devices and install ur app and go in main screen and show ur icon and in asha web app change any image to icon.png and replace file

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