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    Modify system behaviour s60v3 (Nokia E50)

    I want to make an application that prevents phone responding to call event (if someone from the list is calling me) most applications work as: (phone is responding to call and displaying who calls now, but it mutes the sound and rejects the call). So my question is can i modify system behaviour that it won't show any (pop up forms) that someone is calling me (it will simply do nothing) and it also wont register this call.

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    Re: Modify system behaviour s60v3 (Nokia E50)

    in general you can not. Then again if you search older posts you might find that in some devices you might be able to nearly do so. The biggest problem would be keeping the lights & screen off.

    anyway the idea is that you do handle the call receiving/rejection in your code, and try being as fast as you can on catching it. Then also you would need to keep the lights & screen off from your code, as well as do any log cleanings.

    All and all, wont be easy task, and often it might also be not 100% working in all devices in all times, thus you would need to do heavy testing for it as well.

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