Hi there,

I've installed 1.2.1 using the offline installer (the online always crashes half way through) and I only ever seem to have the following:
[I've tried running the SDKMaintenance Tool for Updates and it says none are available]

Harmattan Target - QEmu PR 1.2 (Qt SDK) Debug
Harmattan Target - QEmu PR 1.2 (Qt SDK) Release

For each of the PR versions: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

These always try and deploy to the QEmu emulator when I run them, rather then the N9. My SDK Maintenance tool looks like this:

Is there another repository I am supposed to add to get a Harmattan target that isn't the emulator? I need to build and run on the N9 not QEmu.

Thanks for any help.