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    Talking About GPS and Near BY

    1.May I ask about how to fetch data from web (web scrapping) to C# for Windows Phone Development?
    2.May I ask about how to developed to detect Nearby location and also route us to go the destination that selected?
    Thank You.

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    Re: About GPS and Near BY

    1. you could try WebRequest API

    for 2, Basically you could use positioning API to get location, use the Maps API to show it, and the maps API has rounting as well, all have exmaples in: http://projects.developer.nokia.com/WP8MapsExamples

    Actually you might want to use actual guided-navigation, instead of just showing static route, if so, then see: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/here_launchers

    For the actual nearby data, you would need to find a REST service which would give you the places you would want to show, there is no API provided by the SDK for that purpose really. Cloeset thing we have with Nokia is the Places REST API.

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