The problem occurs when wanting to create a theme with ring- and message-tones that supports devices from White-Text through to FullTouch under one SKU in the Nokia Store. Since Fulltouch doesn't support custom icons or tones, Asha users get an inferior product at the same price. The conclusion is that one has to create a separate SKU for Asha Fulltouch devices at a reduced price (that is if the theme is not at the lowest price already) and offer the ring and message tones as separate downloads. Problem is, for some of us the license on the audio in the theme doesn't allow it to be sold as a stand-alone tone, so I can't offer it as a download to Asha users. These devices are popular in the store, and as far as I understand they do have user-selectable ring and message tones - is there a plan to add this functionality into the theme package?

This is also bad for Nokia/Supplier where they have contracts with suppliers for a certain amount of SKU's to be delivered, in this case the developer can state that this is a separate SKU and actually deliver less to Nokia, or Nokia can call it a derived work and thus not count as a deliverable SKU, forcing the developer to do create and manage extra SKU's for "free". Management of SKU's can be very time consuming (entering x12 translations for description/keywords/text-banner).