Hi !

I'm currently developing a Windows Phone 7 app in which I would like to display a map with a layer of the road traffic.

I would like to use a Nokia Map API to override the Tile layer of the Bing Map control like describe here or here.

I have read the documentation, but I can't find a way to obtain a tile with a traffic layer...

I don't know how to change the url in the first article to obtain a traffic layer (I can't find any information in the documentation), and with the url in the second article, I'm able to obtain the the transit layer by changing the "normal.day" parameter with "normal.day.transit" but the "normal.day.traffic" doesn't work... (I tried it because it is an available parameter in this documentation).

Without using the Nokia API, I tried to use a webBrowser control to display a Bing AJAX Map but the UX is awful (the control catchs all the event so the user cannot zoom or do anything on the map with his fingers). I have also try to use the OpenStreetMap Tile service, but I can't find a way to have a traffic layer. Finally, using the Google Map Tile, it works, but I'm pretty sure that it is not legal...

Is there a way in Windows Phone 7 to display a map a traffic layer ? May I have miss something during my previous tests ?

If someone can help me !

Best regards.