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    LWUIT backwards compatibility?

    If application is built with LWUIT that comes with Asha 1.0 SDK is it compatible with Java runtime 1.1.0 / 2.0.0 for Series 40 devices ?
    I am not using any themes or Nokia UI, but I am worried that Asha 1.0 LWUIT could use some api or feature that is available only in Asha 1.0 devices.

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    Re: LWUIT backwards compatibility?

    As a rule of thumb, when you want a single build, that should rather be created with the suitable SDK for the oldest platform release you want to support. This way you certainly ensure that you do not depend on newer features.
    (You can still develop with the new SDK if you like it more, because of its speed, emulator, whatever, just at the end rebuild and test the code with the older SDK)
    An other approach is to really test the code on actual devices, note that you can access various Nokia models via Remote Device Access, part of Devices "menu" above.

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    Re: LWUIT backwards compatibility?

    yes wizard is correct, i basically in two of my applications !! consider asha sdk 2.0 as my base and then i use only those components which i can use in common with the latest asha sdk 1.0 !!

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    Re: LWUIT backwards compatibility?

    Yes.Start off from the lower end and progress on to the higher ones.If you are not going to be using any specific UI components, then you wouldnt need to change much.Also,you can maintain the same codebase while building for multiple devices using a feature called preprocessor directive.

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