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    Series 80 SDK install

    Well, i am just a bigginner on J2ME please can some one tell me how i can in stall S80 using sdk2.0? i have followed the manual but the setup is rejecting my username and password even the serial number that is sent to my email please where can i start iam using netbeans 7.3 thank s.

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    Re: Series 80 SDK install

    For future reference: you can find the Post New Thread button at the bottom of the list.
    Registration of older tools are done via this page: https://developer.nokia.com/Resource...l_number.xhtml (it is also available via navigation: Resources above, Tools and downloads, Tools archive on the bottom, Request serial number on the bottom)

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    Re: Series 80 SDK install

    Can you tell me why would you want to use such an old SDK ?

    There have not been any new devices for that platform for quite a many years.

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