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    Symbian App like Babyphone - 3rd Edition

    Hello everybody!

    I need more help.
    I'm a mobile developer. Currently i want to develop a symbian application like a babyphone with the same functions.

    My App should work with the Symbian C++ 3rd edition SDK.

    Which API can i take?

    I'm happy about your answers!

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    Re: Symbian App like Babyphone - 3rd Edition

    if it is supposed to be baby monitor type applciation, then you could do it propably with BT connection. I suppose you could cehck the point-to-point bluetooth example (was included in some older SDKs at least) for making a connection, and for audio recording see the streamrecording examples in the wiki.

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    Re: Symbian App like Babyphone - 3rd Edition

    And if you so insist on making a call then check the CTelephony in the wiki in addition to the suggestions of symbianyucca. For your benefit here it is http://developer.nokia.com/Community..._of_CTelephony

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