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    Post f13 - Javascript Library For Asha WebApps


    I have combined all my Javascript Snippets I use to develop WebApps in a single library and I want to share it with you. In the last weeks I had zero chance to work on it, if I had time, I would have uploaded it to Github, added some documentation and an example. But I had no time.

    I had to release it to you today, because I named the library f13 - Friday the 13th. Why? Because on f13, JaSON comes.

    I just added json2.js for convenience.
    Taken from, of course, https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js

    AJAX - jQuery Style
    First of all, the library enables you to make AJAX calls with a jQuery-like syntax, using .get(), .post() and .ajax()

    Add Slashes
    Next is the .as - Function (Add Slashes). I've "stolen" this function from this thread:

    A function to create several social sharing links.

    Used to add data to a dom node. Comes in handy with the following:

    Temple - A simple template engine.
    I've taken John Resig - http://ejohn.org/blog/javascript-micro-templating/ - MIT licensed ultra simple templating engine and integrated it in f13.

    If you use this one, it will speed up your development, increase the readability of your code and make it much more reusable.


    Tell me what you think.
    As I said, it is far from done. I'm e.g. not happy how it is constructed as library, but it is working and it helps me a lot.

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