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    How to remove title of dialog and how to apply backround colour on it

    I am working on s40 app using s40 with themes jar file. Using lwuit form.
    How to remove title of dialogue box and how to change the background colour of dialogue box.

    Also i want to ask can we apply animations on dialogue as i hav craeted animation using 10 images and i want to show it on a dialogue.
    Plz help

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    Re: How to remove title of dialog and how to apply backround colour on it

    Note that LWUIT is open source. While https://projects.developer.nokia.com...it/Dialog.java is probably not a current version, it contains some indications about hiding the title: showModal (line 1117), showPopupDialog (line 1138) and showPacked (line 1289) all have a piece of code check for empty title text and if hideEmptyTitleBool is set in the theme. These are some clues you can start experiment with, trying to set an empty title text should be rather straightforward.

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    Re: How to remove title of dialog and how to apply backround colour on it

    You can get the style object of the dialog and change the background colour

    Dialog d = new Dialog();
    Adding animation to a dialog is same as adding the animation to a form. Create an instance of a dialog.Say you have overridden a Label Component and used it for animation, add the label to your dialog and use the show method to display that dialog.

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