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    Back From The Future Capture Hackathon

    Very tired, didn't win a 1020

    But super pleased with what i got done in 27 hours - i was starting from absolute scratch, other than some notes i made in my moleskine

    I've been blogging pictures at futurecapture.tumblr.com
    will update with exactly what and how i did it when I'm less zombie like

    At the campus party europe all week this week too!!!

    But have to get my app up to scratch for submission to the marketplace too!


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    Re: Back From The Future Capture Hackathon

    Very cool timeline

    Sorry you didnt won but it look like you had great fun. And I'm curious to see your app .) If you need beta testers let me know. I have a Lumia 920, a Lumia 820 and my wife has a lumia 620.

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