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    Question Visual Mobile Designer J2ME: How to put NUMERICAL values to user inputs.

    I want to put if-then statements in Source Code. Since VMD have system generated codes.I don't know where to put my statements. For example in a ChoiceGroup, I have a YES and NO elements, I want YES to have a value of 1 and NO = 0. My MIDLet have this codes:

    public ChoiceGroup getCURRENTFamHistory() {
    if (CURRENTFamHistory == null) {
    // write pre-init user code here
    CURRENTFamHistory = new ChoiceGroup("Family History of Any Cancer:", Choice.EXCLUSIVE);
    CURRENTFamHistory.append("NO", null);
    CURRENTFamHistory.append("YES", null);
    CURRENTFamHistory.setSelectedFlags(new boolean[]{true, false});
    // write post-init user code here

    return CURRENTFamHistory;

    Please help!. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Visual Mobile Designer J2ME: How to put NUMERICAL values to user inputs.

    you can call setCommandListener on your component and in the callback based on the index you can query back the data from the data structure !!

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