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    CAknListQueryDialog memory leak , Could you please help me to find the memory leak ?

    Hi All,

    I am using CAknListQueryDialog class for showing the pop up, but below code is giving alloc) may be there is some memory leak.

    Could you please help me to find the memory leak ?

    Int CMyClass:ShowPopupListL(CDesCArrayFlat* aOptionListArray, const TDesC& aHeadingText) // aOptionListArray is owned by caller of this function
    TInt itemSelected=0;

    CAknListQueryDialog* popupMenu = new (ELeave) CAknListQueryDialog(&itemSelected);

    if (aHeadingText.Length() > 0)
    CAknPopupHeadingPane * heading = popupMenu->QueryHeading();



    if (popupMenu->RunLD())
    return itemSelected;
    return KErrCancel;

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    Re: CAknListQueryDialog memory leak , Could you please help me to find the memory lea

    PrepareLC and RunLD does Cleanup Stack coverage, so you do not need the PushL+Pop.
    However, speaking of Cleanup Stack: it is a dynamic thing, and it may extend any time, and never shrinks. So if it extends in a UHEAP_MARK-MARKEND block, you will see a leak. So extending the Cleanup Stack beforehand may cure the apparent leak (just Push 5-10 something and Pop them).
    It may also matter how you check for leaks.

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