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    Changing the background color of a Button

    So, from what I can tell, it is not possible to change a button's background color by calling button.getStyle().setBgColor(). I've read some things about how I need to create a button in the resource editor, but I have no clue how to do this. I've poked around in the resource editor, and read some tutorials on this subject, but I'm still lost.

    How can I create a button with a custom style in the resource editor, and then access that with the setUIID() method in my app?


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    Re: Changing the background color of a Button


    I am assuming you are using LWUIT For Series 40. It uses platform colours for buttons which causes this issue.I was not able to exactly override that, but I managed to do something else which could be useful for you.I have recorded it as a video so that it will be easy for you to understand.

    First, goto the directory where you have LWUIT for S40.It is usually under "C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Asha_SDK_1_0\plugins\LWUIT\lib\" directory.Extract the contents of S40 LWUIT Jar in order to get access to the THEME File.Open the theme in resource editor and follow the steps shown below to stylize a custom component.


    Save the theme as new_theme.res and create a sample project in your IDE .Add S40 without Themes JAR File and the theme to your project.Copy the following code in the startApp method and check it out!The code is simple so I feel you wont have any difficulty understanding.

             try {
                 Resources r1 = Resources.open("/new_theme.res");
             } catch (Exception ex) {
            Form Button_Test = new Form("Button Test");
            Button b1 = new Button("First Button");
            Button b2 = new Button("Second Button");
            Button b3 = new Button("Ordinary Button");
            b1.setUIID("New Button");
            b2.setUIID("New Button");

    and Here is a video about Borders : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8KXMijiWgQ


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    Re: Changing the background color of a Button

    Thanks, I will try this!

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