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    Exclamation WebClient download file failed in my lumia 710


    I`m using WebClient to download the jpg file, but WebClient give me the following exception: "The remote server returned an error: NotFound".

    I`m sure the link is OK, and can access by any browser and the same code can run fine under console application. Also HttpWebRequest has the same issue.

    Then I tried to use the BackgroundTransferRequest, and it is OK for WiFi, but cannot use under GPRS network.

    Finally, I use the fiddler to analysis and find out and make sure it is a bug of the WebClient.

    You can get the fiddle export file from here(https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...t_sessions.saz), and than see all the sessions.

    #1,#2: with no headers from my Nokia Lumia 710 with my app use WebClient

    #3: no usage.

    #4: requestd from PC chrome

    #5,#6: requested from my Nokia Lumia 710 IE browser

    #7,#8: different headers I changed, but no work. from my Nokia Lumia 710 with my app use WebClient

    At the end, I want to set the referer to "", but no request showed on fiddler.

    You can download my C# code from here(https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52714692/temp%20using/TestWebClient.7z).("please make sure, don`t use your PC connection and you must disconnect your USB connection!!!")

    The latest research shows if there is a WP7 project, I will receive an excetion, if it is WP8 project, the result is OK. Could you please do some fix? Thanks.

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    Re: WebClient download file failed in my lumia 710

    Is the ID_CAP_NETWORKING capability set properly in your app?


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