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    Question Is ProximityListener is supported in Nokia Asha 501 ?


    I am trying to add my location in landmark store and later i want to check whether user is within landmark proximity or not ? For that purpose I found one nice link ( mentioned below) but there they have mentioned "At the moment (October 2011) it is not supported in Series 40 devices" Is it supported in latest released Nokia device Asha 501 or Not.
    Any Idea ?



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    Re: Is ProximityListener is supported in Nokia Asha 501 ?

    You can try running that code and see if the LocationException is thrown ?

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    Re: Is ProximityListener is supported in Nokia Asha 501 ?

    it is not, anyway, you could implement your own code for it. simple monitor the location, and then when you get new GPS location, just check whether it is inside your defined area.

    i.e. define the area as circle, where you know the center and the radius (distance)

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